SL Audio A/S

About SL Audio A/S

Since 2005, Denmark’s SL Audio has redefined the standards of audio innovation and sound reproduction. In 2006, in a re-imagining of digital acoustic compensation, RoomPerfect™ was launched, marking an entry to the market of the most sophisticated solution for adapting sound to its environment. Despite their advanced technologies, SL Audio components are among the easiest to install in the audio market. They are also built to last, imbued with a strength and longevity unseen in competing products.

Company structure

SL Audio is our company name. Under SL Audio we have two product lines. The first one includes our Steinway & Sons products. These we sell under the name, Steinway Lyngdorf. You can read more about Steinway Lyngdorf and the Steinway & Sons product here.

The second product line includes our Lyngdorf products, which we sell under the name Lyngdorf Audio. You can read more about Lyngdorf Audio and Lyngdorf products here.

Company structure